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Stephanie Clemens
MeetStephanie Clemens

Work hard. Be nice. Not only a RE/MAX Victory+Affiliates motto, but also mine! Real estate is more than a career, it is a way of life. And this motto is where it starts. It is my pleasure to help everyone complete one chapter of their lives and opens the door to the next!

I am an Ohio transplant after meeting my husband and deciding to make a great life here in the Dayton area. Our two boys are very active in football and basketball, so we spend a good amount of time on aluminum bleachers! However, I enjoy every minute of it!!! Our furbaby, Kona(who we rescued or maybe she rescued us?!?!), rounds off our household. She is a great protector dog and cuddler!!!

Why is real estate important to me? It is plain and simple. I love being a part of my clients’ lives and helping them with the biggest purchase of their life, in most cases. House becoming home is so important. A house is stale. A home is filled with love. It gives me chills to hear my clients talk about how they achieved the ultimate goal of making it a home! And that, my friends, is truly fulfilling and keeps me going day after day!

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